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Professional Standards Framework Review

The Professional Standards Framework (PSF) has become a globally-recognised framework for benchmarking success within HE teaching and learning. In 2022 a sector-led review of the PSF was undertaken informing the creation of a revised framework – the PSF 2023.

As custodians of the PSF, Advance HE committed to review the PSF on behalf of the sector in our Strategy 2021-24, acknowledging that the learning and teaching landscape within HE has changed considerably since the last review in 2011.

The PSF review was sector-led, drew on a strong evidence base and featured and extensive consultative process. A sector-led Steering Group oversaw the review, which was carried out by a Project Team of colleagues from across the sector, with Advance HE facilitating this work. Respecting both the global nature of higher education and the range of contexts within which the PSF is now recognised, the Steering Group and the Project Team had proportional international representation.

Extensive stakeholder consultation was a core characteristic of the PSF Review. For Advance HE, the Steering Group and the Project Team, ensuring the review process was fully inclusive was a primary objective. During the review the Project Team undertook consultation with over 800 academics and higher education professionals from more than 20 countries.

The PSF Review led to the creation of a revised framework which built on the strengths of the previous framework.

The PSF 2023 launched on 31 January 2023.

Download the report on the review

Download a copy of the 'Professional Standards Framework for teaching and supporting learning in higher education: report of the review 2021-2023'. This report details that review process, and explores some of the most prominent changes to the revised Framework.

Download the report
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Video: Professional Standards Framework for Teaching and Learning Support in Higher Education: An introduction

In this video Julie Baldry Currens, the project lead, and project manager Dallas Alexandrou summarise the PSF review and its findings, key features of the new PSF and their associated benefits to the higher education sector.

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PSF 2023

The PSF 2023 builds on the strengths of the previous PSF while placing much more overt emphasis on:

  • the effectiveness and impact of teaching;
  • the context in which the teaching takes place;
  • inclusivity – both from the perspective of the wider range of staff now able to engage with the PSF and how more inclusive approaches ensure all learners feel respected, valued and have equity in opportunity to succeed.

With a greater emphasis on digital/technology, professional values, support for students and collaboration, the revisions ensure the PSF is fit-for-the-future and remains relevant and compelling wherever and however higher education teaching and learning are delivered.

Alison Johns, Chief Executive, Advance HE introduces the PSF 2023 here.

Download the PSF 2023
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Steering Group

Helen O'Sullivan
University of Chester

Helen O'Sullivan - Chair

Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Alex Bols

Alex Bols

Deputy Chief Executive
Richard Bourne 450x450
York St John University

Professor Richard Bourne

Head of School of Humanities
Professor Abby Cathcart
Queensland University of Technology

Professor Abby Cathcart

Director, Academy of Learning and Teaching
Image of Julian Chaudhuri
University of Bath

Julian Chaudhuri

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Juliet Eve
University of Brighton

Juliet Eve

Head of Learning and Teaching Hub
Rowan Fisher
Universities UK

Rowan Fisher

Policy Researcher
Dr Letizia Gramaglia
Warwick International Higher Education Academy

Letizia Gramaglia

Dr Sam Grogan
University of Salford

Sam Grogan

Pro Vice-Chancellor for Student Experience
Meegan Hall
Victoria University of Wellington

Meegan Hall

Associate Professor
Kathryn Harrison-Graves
Advance HE

Kathryn Harrison-Graves

Director of Membership and Accreditation
Headshot of Neil Henderson
University of West London

Neil Henderson

Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development
Professor Liz Johnson
Deakin University

Professor Liz Johnson

Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Alastair Robertson
Glasgow Caledonian University

Alastair Robertson

Pro Vice-Chancellor in Learning and Teaching
Professor Mark Schofield
Edge Hill University

Professor Mark Schofield

Dean of Teaching and Learning
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Project Team

Mike Bryant
Monash University

Mike Bryant - Project Member

Director Education Enhancement
Sarah Floyd
Ulster University

Sarah Floyd - Project Member

Reader in Higher Education Practice
Duncan Jackson
University of York

Duncan Jackson - Project Member

Head of Academic Practice
Ola Olusanya
Aberystwyth University

Ola Olusanya - Project Member

Director of Learning and Teaching
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Will this affect my Fellowship application/journey?

If you are in the process of writing an application to Advance HE for any of the four categories of fellowship based on the 2011 UK PSF please do continue, as we will welcome applications in this format at any time before the end of December 2023. From 1 January 2024 Advance HE will only accept new fellowship applications based on the PSF 2023.

New applicant guidance is available on our website from 1 March 2023 and applications in this new format are open from Wednesday 12 April 2023.

What impact will this have on our Advance HE accredited provision?

We understand that our accredited member institutions will be considering the impact that any revision to the framework will have on their accredited provision. Following the launch of the revised PSF in January 2023, a transition period of two years until January 2025 will be in place to support institutions to make any changes in a structured, planned way and at a pace to suit them. Advance HE will work with its member institutions to develop appropriate support and plans for existing accredited schemes and for those organisations in the process of seeking accreditation. We will provide more information around this as the review progresses but please do contact our accreditation team if you have any specific queries at this stage

Will this affect my Fellowship status?

No – your existing Fellowship status will not be affected by the PSF 2023.