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Essential Frameworks for Enhancing Student Success

Evidence-informed frameworks developed with the sector for the sector.

Over the past two years, Advance HE has been working with colleagues from across the sector to review and redesign the Student Success Framework Series.  

The series provide a shared point of reference and common language to discuss, shape and review policy, process and practice around the broad and complex issues impacting student success. They can therefore be an extremely effective way of applying a consistent methodology to leading change, curriculum design, student support and learning and teaching.  

Engaging with our evidence-informed frameworks in combination, will help you to identify smarter ways of working. This effect is embedded when considered at an institutional level and then applied across all programmes. 

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How the frameworks are structured


From an institutional perspective the strategy, policies and practices of the provider should support student success. 


The frameworks identify areas of focus for course or programme teams to ensure they can take a holistic approach and connect with pedagogic practices within and across the curriculum. 


The frameworks are student-centred identifying the attributes and competencies a student should have the opportunity to develop and practice to enhance their success. 

Institution, Educators and Students Wheel
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The series 

The updated series will be made up of nine frameworks plus one overarching framework. We will update this page as we release each framework over the course of this academic year. The series can be requested via the webform at the bottom of the page. 

Framework for Embedding Employability

Employability, in the higher education context, is about ensuring that students have the knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to be successful in their future, whether that be within employment, enterprise creation, further study or beyond. 

The framework has been designed to engage and support a diverse range of audiences including those involved in developing and implementing employability policy and practice, curriculum design, student support and learning and teaching. 

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Framework for Embedding Employability in Higher Education front cover
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Framework for Enhancing Assessment

Assessment and feedback practices are at the core of higher education (HE). Assessment provides judgement so it needs to be valid and reliable. It also supports student learning and feedback, so it should be designed to promote desirable learning behaviours, develop subject-specific and professional competencies, as well as other graduate attributes.

This framework is designed for all stakeholders; for educators, those in charge of policy, quality assurance, and quality enhancement, and those responsible for leading education at all levels from pro vice-chancellors to programme leaders.

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Enhancing Assessment in Higher Education
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Framework for Internationalising Higher Education

Internationalising higher education (HE) is an ongoing, institution-wide commitment to fostering a globally aware and inclusive learning environment. This process encompasses all aspects of HE, from teaching and learning to research and collaboration. Internationalisation benefits all HE students, regardless of their location, background, discipline, or mode of study.

This framework is intended for all those within HE and beyond, encompassing those who contribute to and can benefit from an internationalised sector. Its principal audiences are organisations (e.g. HE providers, agencies, bodies and employers) and individuals (e.g. staff, students and employees).

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Internationalising Higher Education Framework
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Framework for Education for Sustainable Development

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in higher education equips learners with the knowledge, competencies and values to tackle interconnected global challenges, encompassing economic, social and environmental sustainability.  

The framework is designed to be of value to a broad audience and can be particularly beneficial in supporting course teams to understand ESD, integrating ESD across programmes, helping students identify the necessary competencies for sustainable citizenship and fostering agency for a sustainable future, developing comprehensive institutional approaches and aligning strategy to create a sustainable learning environment. 

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Essentials Frameworks For Enhancing Student Success
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Framework for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Approaches to teaching and learning, by their very nature, often encompass entrepreneurial learning. Regardless of whether these are labelled as enterprise and entrepreneurship education, the enhancement of appropriate skills, knowledge, attributes and behaviours necessary for transforming creative ideas into actions are of ever-increasing importance across all disciplinary areas.  

This framework is designed to inform and support the activities of those educators who interact with students through the development and delivery of enterprise and entrepreneurship curriculum and/or extracurricular activity. 

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Essentials Frameworks - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education
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Framework for Student Engagement through Partnership

Student engagement describes the extent to which students are motivated, passionate and curious about their programme of study, their higher education community and their immediate surroundings. Student engagement through partnership prioritises the active involvement of students in shaping the curriculum, community and environment, recognising them as key stakeholders in the learning process.

The framework is designed to be of value to a broad audience and can be particularly beneficial in supporting stakeholders seeking to establish partnership approaches across areas of activity that affect the student experience.

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Essentials Framework - Student Engagement Through Partnership Front Cover
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Framework for Student Access, Retention, Attainment and Progression

Student access, retention, attainment and progression define the foundations for student success. They each depend on fostering a sense of belonging and actively engaging students with their programme and the wider institution, enabling students to thrive throughout their higher education. 

The framework is designed for all staff with a remit to support students to achieve their potential. Consideration of the impact of policies, practices and support services from the student perspective, institution-wide collaboration and the engagement of students as partners are key to student success.

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Framework for Student Access Retention Attainment and Progression Front cover
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Framework for Flexible Learning

Flexible learning is an educational approach that employs pedagogically informed technologies to create personalised, engaging learning experiences, allowing students to choose how, what, when, and where they learn. Recognising that students’ needs, aspirations and commitments can evolve throughout their course, flexible learning ensures an engaging, personalised experience, supporting all students in reaching their potential.

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Flexible Learning Framework cover

Framework for Inclusive Curriculum – launching soon

New framework coming soon.

Framework for Enhancing Student Success – launching soon

New framework coming soon. The current version is available here.

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Working with Advance HE to enhance student success 

Our expertise and globally recognised standards and frameworks help higher education organisations transform teaching by developing and recognising teaching excellence. We work with you – understanding your context – to tackle the issues which matter, sharing insight and evidenced-based practice to deliver student success. 

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Advance HE approach to enhancing student success
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Meet the project lead

Stuart Norton, PFHEA

Senior Consultant, Education
Advance HE
Stuart Norton
Stuart has over 18 years’ experience within higher education with extensive experience in designing and developing strategic, institutional-wide change. In his role as Senior Consultant, Education at Advance HE, he focuses on both thought leadership and providing evidence-based solutions to support institutions, educators and students.
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