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Academic governance and assurance

Members of governing bodies in all HE providers need to have confidence in their academic governance, especially given their duty to provide academic assurance, which requires members to rely on the institution’s academic governance arrangements.

Institutions are delivering considerable change in teaching and learning not least due to Covid-19, digital advances and meeting the skills needs of today and tomorrow. Effective academic governance is key to giving students, staff and wider stakeholders confidence in the system and innovating well. The quality of the relationship and information shared between the academic board/Senate and the institution’s governing body is paramount for the governing body to fulfil its role.

Our work supports governors and governing bodies to navigate these roles and deliver regulatory requirements, using insight from our national-level work and in depth understanding from working with providers of all shapes and sizes. We can support institutions to review their academic governance on the whole or develop their governors and governance professionals through tailored solutions

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The governing body must actively seek and receive assurance that academic governance is robust and effective."

CUC HE Code of Governance 2020

Academic Governance Effectiveness Framework

This Framework sets out some key factors for the consideration of academic governance effectiveness and is intended as a tool to support higher education institutions (HEIs) and Further Education Colleges (FECs) delivering higher education in their own effectiveness reviews. It draws on work by Advance HE and Committee of University Chairs (CUC)

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academic gov framework
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Reviews of academic board / Senate and the academic governance system

Drawing upon our extensive pool of governance experts we work with you to review academic governance and assurance by taking an in depth look at your academic board/Senate and the arrangements which support academic governance and assurance from student to Board Our systems-thinking approach is based on our Framework for Academic Governance developed for the funding agencies and covers areas such as; culture; the maintenance of academic standards, defining and monitoring academic quality and continuous improvement in quality of provision.

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Academic Governance - who we've worked with
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An introduction to Academic Governance in Higher Education for new Governors

Every sector develops terminology which is specific to their needs, and higher education is no different. For many new Governors, getting to grips with some of this specialised language can take some time. This brief guide intends to help new Governors acclimatise to some of the language, acronyms and terminology relevant to academic governance in UK higher education.

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Guide to Academic Governance

Assuring Academic Outcomes and Student Experience – National Governor Development Programme event

This event is specifically designed for Chairs and all governors who wish to understand more about how they can assure the quality of education and the student experience appropriately in the light of recent events. The event will be an interactive session with opportunity for governors to network in an online environment and share their views as well as ask questions of speakers and each other.

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Monthly Governance Bulletin

Every month we send out a newsletter that collates the latest news from the month and our most recent resources, including blogs and Advance HE reports. The newsletter also highlights upcoming dates for key events and programmes within the Advance HE portfolio.

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Governance News Alerts

Our News Alerts provide regular updates from across the sector on the latest policy changes or introductions, updated guidance and news. We provide an at-a-glance view of the piece along with the implications for boards and governors.

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Resources and guidance

Advance HE is committed to producing and sharing news, guidance, research, publications, resources and toolkits to support good governance. Take a look at our Governance guidance pages where these are collated.

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