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Bespoke Development Programmes and Training

Designed, developed and delivered for your institution

For more than 15 years we have worked with institutions and organisations all over the world to build and deliver effective programmes and training to address their challenges or enhance operations. We can work closely with you to deliver high impact solutions equipping your staff with the required skills, knowledge and confidence to thrive in their roles and to develop their capabilities both individually and collectively. Our work cuts across our key strands of expertise including teaching and learning, individual and team leadership development, equality, diversity and inclusion and governance, and we have a substantive and diverse pool of content experts who will work closely with you to deliver positive outcomes.

By working in partnership with you our expert team will assess your current needs and develop a solution that is highly customised and individual to your institution. Co-creating programmes provide us with an opportunity to design innovative solutions and put into practice the latest methodology, approach and techniques into a programme that aligns exactly with your institution.

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Ensuring high-quality learning provision for your staff

We ensure the best mode of delivery for your programme, using our expertise in developing high quality learning provision, by combining designs and approaches including:

  • Face-to-face delivery;
  • Online provision;
  • One-to-one support;
  • Psychometrics and diagnostics to fit your needs; 
  • Action learning;
  • Problem based learning
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Experiential activity

As well as delivering the core content we work with you to ensure that any development is an opportunity to bring your staff together, improving internal networking both between and across teams and departments.

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Delivery options

The majority of our in-house development involves us working closely with you to build a bespoke solution based on your needs, making the delivery specific to your organisation’s priorities and its unique culture and challenges. This might include, for example, a series of bespoke teaching and learning workshops, a substantial multi-faceted leadership development programme for your executive team, or a series of EDI workshops created to support institutions with the implementation of current government policy across the nations.

Enquire now to find out more information about how we can support your institution and your staff.

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Adapting our open programme portfolio

We have a small selection of our open programmes and workshops a version of which can be delivered in-house for specific faculties, departments or teams within your institution or organisation with some tailoring to meet the needs of your institution. This suite builds on many of our successful open programmes and events and generally focuses on specific skillset development in areas such as EDI best practice, finance, team leadership and cuts across Advance HE’s core areas of activities. Below is a list and for more information complete the enquiry form and one of the team will be in touch.

Research Team Leadership

Addresses the unique issues caused by the conflicting demands of teaching and administration within a research team function aiming to provide participants with a pragmatic framework for their leadership which can help them lead with confidence and helps them to get co-operation from their colleagues by using techniques to enhance equality, diversity, depth and clarity.

Transition to Leadership

TTL explores personal leadership, team leadership and change leadership style. By understanding their own resilience and how they can influence and inspire others participants will learn new approaches to manage difficult situations and enable institutional change to happen.

Why choose in-house delivery from Advance HE?

Choosing the most appropriate development programme can be challenging. Developing content which tackles current issues and addresses your challenges, identifying the target audience in your institution who would most benefit from the programme and ensuring delivery fits with your context are paramount to ensuring your programme is a success.

One of your first decisions will be whether to organise the training in-house, or send  employees to an external training course. An external training course has many benefits and is a popular choice, but in-house training also has plenty of appeal.

Having the best of both can be achieved if you organise your training to be conducted by Advance HE in-house. In-house delivery offers a number of strategic and practical benefits:

Strategic benefits

  • A programme designed to be linked directly to your strategy
  • A programme developed around your requirements
  • A design fit for your participants
  • The confidentially that comes with private delivery 
  • A cohort of your people working together, team building

Practical benefits

  • Cost effective implementation
  • The convenience of delivery at a location of your choice
  • Flexibility in design, development and delivery
  • Delivery that can be designed for a particular community or mixed groups (Academic and Professional Services)
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