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Using data and evidence

Collect and analyse equality data to identify areas for action and meet legal requirements.

Collecting equality data

What data your institution needs to report, and how to collect it
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Monitoring questions

Recommended monitoring questions and language
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Introducing new monitoring categories

What to consider when you introduce new diversity monitoring categories
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Encouraging disclosure of equality information

Understand how to make staff and students feel comfortable disclosing equality information
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Find ways to compare your data against other universities and colleges
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Statistics reports

Advance HE’s statistical reports provide equality data on staff and students within UK higher education, and students in Scottish colleges
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Working with data

Guidance and tools to help you gather and analyse equality data, and deal with small numbers
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Research Insights

Short summary reports on recent research from Advance HE
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Use of language: race and ethnicity

Guidance on approaching terminology around race and ethnicity
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