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Development programmes, conferences and events for those working in higher education

Our programmes and events are carefully designed to support all those working in higher education at every level of experience.

Creating knowledge-sharing opportunities and fuelling professional development

Empowering staff through professional development, immersive learning experiences and opportunities to explore and share good practice is particularly important in periods of challenge.

We are committed to working with you to help deliver on your priorities and ambitions by supporting you to address the barriers that could be impacting your own, or your team’s, professional development or enhancement of practice.

Our 2023-24 portfolio will play an invaluable role in supporting the sector’s drive in enhancing practice, whilst improving and sustaining the quality and standards that underpin student, staff and institutional success.

If your organisation is an Advance HE member you could benefit from a 25% discount on booking prices across our portfolio.


Discover the 2023-24 Programmes and Events portfolio

Request a copy of our new Programmes and Events brochure for 2023-24.

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Introducing our programmes, events and conferences portfolio

Our 2023-24 portfolio:

  • Is shaped by feedback from across the higher education sector, underpinned by Advance HE’s global membership of more than 400 higher education providers and the enthusiasm of the thousands of participants in 2022-23;
  • Enables higher education professionals to come together, creating a
    community to connect and collaborate with peers from across the globe;
  • Enables the sharing of experiences and best practice, gaining insights from the work of others, discussing solutions and actions for your institution and developing peer-support networks;
  • Continues to support all levels of leadership, keeping pace with new approaches to leadership and takes advantage of modern technology to deliver an unparalleled development experience to participants;
  • Is designed to respond to your requirements in a practical, action based setting, providing you with insights and tools to implement in your practice;
  • Includes an established and innovative programme of conferences that are refreshed every year to ensure that they address current themes.
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Plan your professional development for 2023-24 using our NEW Development Planner

Whether you are looking to enhance your practice, share insights or identify the next step in your professional development, by answering only a few short questions our new Development Planner will guide you to a range of development opportunities that meet your requirements. Try it today.

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Our areas of expertise

Our portfolio is focused on our five areas of expertise, teaching and learning for student success, strategic leadership, developing leadership, equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) and effective governance.

The 2023-24 portfolio provides solutions that offer quality, flexibility and value, helping equip colleagues with learning, tools, techniques and new insights. We provide spaces and opportunities that promote engagement, sharing and collaboration for participants that enhance the learning and sharing experience.

Teaching and Learning for Student Success

Whatever your discipline, specialism or institutional context, our offer is designed to complement your institutional development activity, providing practical approaches, tools and stimuli to help you build or refresh your approach to teaching and learning throughout your career.
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Developing Leadership

For those new to leading or wanting to enhance their leadership practice, we have several options that give you the opportunity to reflect on and find solutions for challenges in all areas of leadership, or prepare for that next step.
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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Our portfolio seeks to champion progression and build strong and supportive networks that encourage and recognise the commitment to advancing equality, diversity and inclusion in higher education.
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Strategic Leadership

Designed for those in senior or strategic roles our strategic leadership portfolio can support the development of strategic outlook and skillset to lead across organisational boundaries.
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Effective Governance

We have experience and expertise in supporting governing bodies across the UK to aid with board effectiveness, governor development, strategic sessions and wider support for the governance community. Our support is realised through national programmes, topical events, action research and tailored services for individual institutions.
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Advance HE Development Pathway

Professional development at Advance HE includes programmes, conferences and events dedicated to developing those at specific stages of their career. Our Development Pathway has been designed to provide support at all stages of your career in higher education and works for you whatever your role or the role of those you manage.


Development programmes

Our development programmes are informed by a combination of sector expertise and the latest research and thought leadership to help staff to tackle and improve strategic planning and organisational and culture change. Many of our open programmes can also be run in-house.
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Events and Symposia

Our events workshops and symposia are designed to respond to your requirements in a practical, action-based setting, providing you with insights and tools to
implement in your practice.
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We have an established and innovative programme of 7 conferences throughout the year for all engaged in HE, whether leaders, practitioners or Governors, supporting institutions at all levels. The benefits of attending are significant for the participants, their teams and institutions.
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Our One-to-One Executive Coaching creates the opportunity for you to become an agent of change, develop new perspectives and solutions and embed these for long term benefit.
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