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Teaching Excellence Awards

Celebrating the demonstrable impact of teaching in higher education Advance HE’s national awards celebrate the impact of teaching in the UK higher education sector by recognising and celebrating teaching excellence on an individual, team and institutional basis.

Celebrating the impact of teaching in higher education

We run two awards programmes that recognise, celebrate and disseminate teaching excellence in higher education in the UK. 

The National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) and the Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE) showcase the outstanding impact of individuals and teams who teach or support learning in UK higher education, recognising their success and providing a platform to share their knowledge. Both awards programmes are free to enter for Advance HE members.

" Teaching excellence empowers students to learn. Not just students, but learners. And I include myself. The reality is we can’t feed anybody knowledge. It is just not possible, and I wouldn’t want to do it anyway. I want to help others think, help them develop self-belief and confidence. To dream and wake their inner curiosity for the world we live in and embrace life as learning and learning as life.”

Chrissi Nerantzi, NTF awarded in 2015

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National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS)

The NTFS has made a significant impact on both student outcomes and the teaching profession in higher education. Launched in 2000, it has made a considerable contribution to the sector's efforts to continuously improve learning and teaching for the benefit of students and society.

There are over 1,143 National Teaching Fellows, with up to 55 new awards made each year. On gaining the award, National Teaching Fellows play an ongoing role in enhancing teaching and learning within their institution, the higher education sector and further afield. 

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Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE)

Established in 2016, the CATE programme recognises and rewards the important role teamwork plays in enhancing teaching and learning through collaborative approaches. Since its introduction, 119 teams have received a CATE award for their collaborative teamwork.

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