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Strategic Advisory Groups

To ensure our members are at the heart of the development of our services.

Our strategic advisory groups (SAGs) actively engage our members in shaping the activity and future direction of the organisation. The groups provide strategic advice and guidance to support the implementation of Advance HE’s strategy ensuring members' needs and interests are reflected.

The role of the SAGs are to:

  • Review and shape Advance HE’s priorities within each relevant area
  • Identifying current and emerging strategic issues, challenges and opportunities to inform the future work of Advance HE
  • Considering the implications of thematic areas of work for each relevant area
  • Advising Advance HE on implementing an integrated approach maximizing the synergies between the areas of equality, leadership, governance and education.

As a key component of our consultative approach, these groups help build sector confidence and trust in Advance HE and support us to help higher education shape its future.

Advance HE operates six Strategic Advisory Groups these are;

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Advisory Group

Advising on the intricacies of Advance HE’s EDI work including the Equality Charters and considering the sector challenges in relation to EDI.
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Teaching and Learning Strategic Advisory Group

Focusing on supporting Advance HE to enhance teaching and learning for student and institutional success including professional development.
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Leadership and Management Strategic Advisory Group

To help shape Advance HE’s work in continuing to develop confident and capable leaders equipping them to respond to current and future sector challenges.
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Global Perspectives Strategic Advisory Group

Particularly focused on maximising the value of Advance HE’s work around the world.
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Australasian Strategic Advisory Board

Providing strategic input to ensure Advance HE’s operations and services meet the needs of members and partners across Australasia.
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Governance Strategic Advisory Group

Specifically focused on contributing to good governance of the sector particularly providing scrutiny to Advance HE’s priority plans for governance.
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