Silliman Resources

Under constant renovation, Silliman’s many facilities are the product of master, dean, and student collaboration. Ideas are eagerly received and involvement is highly encouraged. Silliman students themselves coordinate and organize most of the facilities and activities. Please see the list of coordinators and contact them to get involved!

Common Room

Byers Hall. The main Common Room by Byers Hall contains two Steinway parlor grand pianos. The Common Room is open until midnight for student use. Weekly meetings of the Silliman Activities Council and the Silliman College Council are conducted in a town-meeting manner in the Common Room on Monday and Tuesday evenings. In order to avoid conflicts in scheduling, groups who wish to use the Common Room must sign up in the Master’s Office in advance. All events must be approved by the Silliman College Council first. Please put the furniture back in order at the conclusion of your meetings; those who book the Common Room are responsible for any damages.

 Dining Hall

Byers Hall. Breakfast: 8:00 am to 11:00 am, Monday to Friday; Lunch: 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, Monday to Friday; Brunch: 11:00 am to 1:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday; Dinner: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm every day; tel: 2-0440. Students from other colleges will sometimes be unable to transfer meals to our dining hall without a Silliman host. The dining hall managers, Michael Aaronian and Jim Barnett, must be consulted if you are looking to hold a concert or social event in the dining hall. Events must not interfere with normal dining hall hours. There is also a Steinway Model D concert grand piano which is reserved for recitals. Dress in the dining hall: the dining hall managers ask that everyone be clean and neatly attired for all meals. They are authorized to ask persons who are not properly dressed to leave.

 Art Room

Entryway I. This brightly lit studio space has easels and room to store art supplies.

 Ballet and Aerobic Court

Entryway G. Silliman has an excellent ballet and aerobic workout room. The floor was recently refurbished. Contact the dance coordinators if you want to use this room.

 Basketball Court

Entryway G. A basketball half court is located near the weight room and the squash courts. Please lock the door when you have completed play and please turn out all lights. This facility has become so popular in the last few years that we must keep the court locked to reserve it for Silliman students. Room keys open the door. Limitations on court use: Please wear sneakers. From time to time concerts held in the Dining Hall necessitate stopping activities on all of the courts from about 8:00 p.m. to 11 p.m.

 Bicycle Racks

Near Wall and College Gates. Bicycle racks are located near the Wall Street and College Street Gates. Please do not store bicycles in the stairwells as this violates state fire laws. Items blocking stairwells and fire doors may be confiscated by order to the Fire Marshal. Also, please do not chain bikes to trees or benches in the courtyard.

 Book Bindery and Printing Press

Entryway G. Through the generosity of Silliman Parents Fund, we now have our own Silliman Book Bindery and Printing Press. We have all the equipment necessary to print and to create book covers and bind journals or other books – new or old. Book binding and printing classes are run periodically throughout the year.


Silliman has a CD burner for students that need to make a backup of documents and other student-produced media. There is software for Macintosh and PC. To use the burner email the burner coordinator, Mattias Ottervik.

 Master B’s Buttery

Entryway M. Named after former Silliman Master Kelly Brownell, and reported to be one of the best on campus, the Buttery is the student-operated late-night eatery and home to a large-screen television, a foosball table, and all the fried food and smoothies you can crave. The Buttery is open from 10pm-1am Sunday-Thursday. Contact the managers if you’re interested in staffing a shift.

 Climbing Wall

Entryway G. Students, through the Silliman Parents fund, have designed and constructed Yale’s only climbing wall. This fall, we added an additional vertical wall to this facility.

 Computer Room

Entryway H. Our computer room contains PCs and Macintoshes available for student use. One Macintosh is a desktop-publishing station and has a color flatbed scanner. All computers can be used for word processing, and each is networked, allowing access to e-mail, the worldwide web, and other Internet services. The computer room also has a laser printer, a dot-matrix printer, a fax machine, a telephone, a typewriter, and a copy machine. The Computer Room is intended for data research, report writing or technology group activities. We have recently added a CD burner to our collection; it is available through the Computing Assistants. CAs are available to make sure that the computer room—and students’ personal computers—are always in working order. If you have any computing questions, contact them.


Entryway N. The darkroom was donated by past Master and Mrs. Bennett and is an excellent facility for developing and printing film ranging from 35mm to 4 x 5 inches. This facility is available for use by qualified members of the Silliman community who are willing to assume responsibility for its condition.

 Game Room

Entryway D. Renovated last summer, we now have a new, more spacious, game room. Through the generosity of the Silliman Parents Fund we purchased a new pool table, a ping-pong table, an air-hockey table and a foosball table. The game room is in the basement of Entryway D basement, across from the Weight Room. Keys are available in the Master’s Office.


Byers Hall. The “Sillibrary” is located on the third floor of Byers Hall. Books and quiet study space, as well as a beautiful reading room, are available to students. We have added new books to the collection this summer, including reference books and a variety of up-to-date magazines for student use. There are also two computers that are connected to the Internet, a scanner, a printer and a CD-burner available for student use.

 Maya’s Room

Byers Hall. Named in memory of Maya Hanway ’82, Maya’s Room is the only art gallery on campus run by undergraduates. Exhibitions change frequently during the term. The Gallery is located in Room 1787 on the fourth floor of Byers Hall. Watch for notices of openings. Contact the student coordinators if you would like to mount an exhibition.


Silliman has many spaces for music: Dining Hall. Steinway Concert Grand Piano. Common Room. Two Steinway Parlor Grand Pianos. Entryway H. Music Room 1 has two sound modules, one with a Steinway upright piano and one with a Knabe baby grand. Entryway H. Music Room 2 has a sound module without a piano, generally used by small bands. Entryway J. Music Room 3 has an upright piano. Byer’s Hall Seminar Room. Also with an upright piano. Practice must cease by 11:00pm. Keys to the Music Rooms are available in the Master’s Office. Please note that a fine is imposed on all students who do not return these keys. A $10.00 deposit is required for Music Room 3 and Byers Hall. There is a Steinway Model D (concert grand) in the Dining Hall and a Steinway Model B grand piano in the Common Room. Both of these instruments have will ordinarily be kept locked except for practice before a recital. See the Master’s Office for permission to use these two concert pianos.