Rooming Rules and Procedures

Rooming Rules and Procedures

 Forms, Proxies

Preliminary Housing Forms. Before entering any lottery, each student must complete an individual preliminary housing form and return it to the Dean’s office by the above date (the Monday of the week before Spring Break). This form is not binding –– it is intended to give students an estimation of their chances in the various lotteries. Students who miss this deadline will draw at the bottom of their class in all lotteries. In addition to the form that is appended to these rules, extra forms can be found in the Dean’s Office. The preliminary housing form is NOT a rooming lottery application. To enter a specific lottery students must file a separate application the day of that lottery.

Proxies. If an applicant cannot attend a lottery, allocation, or the special request hearing, he/she must issue a proxy in writing nominating a specific individual as his/her representative. If a problem develops because a lottery, allocation, special request or form was not properly completed due to an applicant’s absence, that applicant must bear the consequences of his/her absence. These conditions apply for any occasion where an applicant must be represented in writing or in person.

Special Requests

All unusual situations must be requested specially. If you are not sure, submit a form. Situations that clearly mandate special requests include:

·         Overoccupation of a room by more than the allowed number of occupants.

·         Medical singles for cases in which a specific physical or mental handicap requires that a student receive a specific room or class of rooms. Such cases may require a physician’s certification.

·         Unusual pattern of attendance which leaves you out of sync with your class

·         Accelerated draws by students who are currently accelerated and who wish to use their senior status for the current rooming draw (see below).

·         Single-sex bathrooms for whatever reason.

·         Retention of the same room currently being occupied (see below).

Groups/inmdividuals must submit their written special request list to the Dean’s Office by 4:00 p.m. according to the above schedule (on the first day after Spring Break). The statement should list the persons involved in the special request and should detail the nature of the request. In addition, each group must send a representative (or a proxy) to the Special Request Hearing according to the above schedule. Time slots for each group’s consultation with the Rooming Committee at that meeting will be posted on the Rooming Committee Board near the entrance to Byers Hall the morning of the hearing. Penalties for ghosting (see below) apply to special requests. As a general rule, the Rooming Committee will not grant special requests for rooms that the students in questions could not ordinarily obtain through the lottery process. In other words, the rooms granted through special requests are not the best rooms in the College.

Acceleration. All students have the right to draw as a senior once and spend a complete year in a senior room. No student, whether accelerated or not, may draw as a senior more than once. The intention or the ability to accelerate is not sufficient to qualify for this accelerated draw. Students who are out of sync for some reason (e.g. from a leave of absence, a withdrawal, etc.) may petition the Rooming Committee explaining their special circumstances. Rooms drawn in an accelerated status may not be retained.

Retention. If a retention is granted, the student has the option of relinquishing that room at any time before the lottery for that category of room. Freshman rooms may not be retained. A retention will normally be granted if

1)       Fifty percent or more of the persons who won the room in the regular lottery (not a special lottery) the preceding year wish to retain the room, and

2)       The number of persons retaining the room is equal to (or exceeds) the number of persons for that category of room.

If these conditions are met, the Rooming Committee will generally not require a personal appearance at the special request hearing and the request is ordinarily granted – but check the list of appointments for the hearing to be certain.

Draws, Clipping

Lottery Applications. Only one lottery application should be filed per group. These applications must be filed in the Dean’s Office by 4 p.m. on the day of each lottery you intend to enter or you will be forced to draw at the bottom of your class.

Clipping. If two or more groups of roommates wish to live near one another, they can clip their application cards together. Clipped groups will draw consecutively in the lottery. No cross-class or cross-category clipping is permitted – quads can clip with quads, but not with triples. Cross-gender clips are allowed within any category. Clipped groups can slide together in the summer (See IV, the Silliman Slide)

Lottery Order. The lotteries will be held in this order:

Lottery I:Beach Club, Bat Cave, Quints, Four-Room Triples,and Four-Room Quads

Lottery II: Three-Room Doubles and Singles (Only seniors may draw for Three-Room Doubles)

Lottery III: Doubles

Lottery IV: Triples

Lottery V: Quads

Please see Page 1 for a listing of dates and times of room draws and allocations.

The Luck of the Draw. Priority in the lottery is determined first by class standing. Mixed class standings will be averaged. Each class’s applications will be placed face down on a table or the floor. Playing cards from a shuffled deck will then be placed upon each application. The card drawn for a given application determines its place in the lottery. Cards rank as follows: the highest suit is Spades, then Hearts, Diamonds, and finally Clubs. For example, the King of Hearts ranks lower than the Three of Spades because all Spades rank higher than Hearts. Aces are high.


After the lottery, the results and the list of rooms in that category will be announced; the groups choose rooms in the order determined by the lottery. Groups may also choose to PASS if they wish to recombine and enter a new lottery instead. As rooms are chosen they are removed from the list. Once a room has been chosen that decision is final – no student may alter a given decision after the selection of a room. No student will subsequent to a selection be permitted to enter a new lottery, and a student who declines a room after choosing it in one of the allocations will be charged at least º of the room rent for the Fall term. After August 1 the charge is ½ of the room rent. Groups that are not represented at the allocation, either in person or by proxy, will not get a room.

The Silliman Slide

1)       After the allocation in which a group has chosen a room, the group may list all the rooms it would prefer in that same category. The list should begin with the group’s favorite room and progress in ranked order through other desirable rooms, ending with the room it has been allocated. If a group is satisfied with the room it has been allocated, it should not enter the slide.

2)       The slide preference list must be submitted to the Dean’s Office. If by August 1 any room is underoccupied, the students who were allocated that room may lose the room. All others in that room category have the chance to slide into a better room. Groups are moved according to their rank in the lottery and according to their own preference sheets. The original underoccupied group receives whatever room is left. Any underoccupied group also risks having a transfer student or some other Silliman student who requires housing assigned to the group.

Other Information

  1. Ghosting.Any group that misrepresents the number of people who will be taking a room and/or misrepresents their class standing will be stripped of their room and be given whatever space is left over after their room has been reallocated. If a person vacates his or her suite during the summer, the roommates have until August 1 to find a replacement of the same class standing as the original roommate (except under special circumstances and with permission of the Rooming Committee) or they may be reallocated via the SillimanSlide. Exceptions to this rule may be made if a person leaves a suite due to special circumstances that could not be foreseen (e.g., for a medical withdrawal). This applies to all room groups containing a student who takes a leave of absence or moves off campus.
  2. UnderoccupiedRooms. Underoccupations will be allowed only in the Quad lottery. The underoccupying group will draw after all groups of four, regardless of class standing. If the underoccupied group is allocated a room, it is with the understanding that the room is still classified as a Quad and thus may be assigned a transfer or returning student at any time at the discretion of the Dean and the Rooming Committee. Suites that become underoccupied during the course of an academic year (due to a roommate’s withdrawal, leave of absence, study abroad, etc.) are also subject to having transfer students or others assigned to them. While such assignments will ordinarily be made based on the original lottery result, this cannot be guaranteed.
  3. Transfer Students from Colleges Outside of Yale.Rooming groups that are willing to house a transfer student should speak with the Dean before the relevant rooming lottery. The transfer student will be assumed to be the same class as the other occupants of the room for the purposes of the lottery. If the Dean has not approved the group’s transfer student in advance, the group may not draw using the transfer student to complete their group.
  4. Tradesof rooms may occur only with the approval of the Rooming Committee, usually only within the same room category.
  5. Cohabitationis not allowed by Yale College.
  6. Transfers from other Residential Colleges.All transfers between Residential Colleges must be made through the College Transfer Process and be approved by the Dean and the Master. Transfer students may not enter the singles lottery. Transfer students must room with at least one current Sillimanstudent.
  7. Relinquishing a Room. Students who relinquish a room must notify the Dean in writing and will incur charges imposed by Yale College.
  8. Off-Campus.Students who plan to live off-campus or who will be away from Yale in the Fallterm should notify the Dean in writing.
  9. Away in the Fall Term. Students who will be away from Yale in the Fallterm (e.g. junior term abroad, leave of absence, etc.) may not draw a room for the following year. When they return to campus a room will be assigned to them if they request one.
  10. Floorplanof Silliman College. A floorplan of the college is available in the Silliman face book.
  11. The Rooming Committee has final jurisdiction in all rooming matters.