Day: July 9, 2020

Users To Enjoy data recovery in Raleigh NC Quick File Transfer As LaCie Announces Its Fastest Mobile Hard Drive 

 LaCie has announced its fastest mobile hard drive that will bring a big change in computer industry in terms of speed of data transfer. The new hard drive is referred to as LaCie Rugged USB 3.0. Its super speed makes it one of the most powerful and efficient hard drives ever developed by LaCie. 

 This impressive device comes with an incredible speed of 110MB/s. This is 3 times faster than the speed of USB version 2.0. This increased speed will enable users to transfer 1 HD movie in just 3 minutes. The latest hard drive is very efficient and powerful. Users will only require a single cable to enjoy optimum performance of the device. Analysts predict that many people will embrace the new hard drive owing to its wonderful features and amazing functionality. 

Anne -Sophie Marchand, the Consumer Product Manager at LaCie said that they were very pleased to add USB 3.0 to their mobile solution. She also said that those who don’t have USB 3.0 connection on their personal computers will be able to add it to by using LaCie USB 3.0 PCle card. They can also choose to use USB 3.0 Pcle Express Card. 

This fastest mobile hard drive is highly compatible. It can be used on any computer as long as it has USB connection. This will allow users to transfer files and data from computer without worrying about compatibility issues. 

LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 is housed in a strong rugged casing which is resistant to breakage in case of impact drop up to a height of 2.2m. This exceptional housing design has already won award. Thanks to the Neil Poulton, the great mind behind the design. 

Other features of this superlative device are aluminium shell that is resistant to scratching. This helps to prevent the device from getting scratched when it comes in contact with a hard surface. In addition, it has a rubber bumper that is resistant to shock as well as other internal anti-shock absorbers. All these features help to protect the device from damage. By so doing, files stored in your LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 will be safe.

 This amazing device is the perfect solution to users who have been having problems when transfering large files to and from their computers. Some of them experience delays due to slow speed. With Lacie Rugged 3.0, everything will be super fast because it comes with the fastest speed.

Users who want to use this fastest hard drive can get it on LaCie Online Store, LaCie Storage Partner and LaCier Reseller.